Vivian galban

Vivian Galbán was born in Buenos Aires in 1969. She lives and works in Buenos Aires.

She studied Architecture at the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism of the University of Buenos Aires (1993) and completed the Postgraduate Degree in Architectural Heritage Conservation and Restauration(1996). She founded the first Interactive Multimedia Development Agency: MediaLab Argentina, Buenos Aires and Mexico City (1996/2012) and the first 3D Layout and Modeling Center in Buenos Aires (1994/1996). Her practice centers in the investigation of photography as a means of questioning the support and photographic processes in contemporary times.

Her academic activity, her work in applied technology and her teaching role are part of her artistic research. She has led workshops and seminars at Usina de Arte, Buenos Aires (2018), Montevideo Photography Center (2017), Buenos Aires Museum of Contemporary Art (2014/2016), Recoleta Cultural Center, Buenos Aires (2015). Currently directs the "Aesthetics, Art and Contemporary Culture" Board at the Institute of Photographic Art and Audiovisual Techniques of the National University of Avellaneda, Buenos Aires.

Participated in the Artist Draft Program residence in Kyoto Art Center, Japan (2005) and at Beyond The Silver Gelatin Print specialization at Penumbra Foundation, New

York (2018).

Part of her individual exhibitions: "Valley of the Yosemite, from the Rocky Ford, 1872" at the Museum of Contemporary Art of Buenos Aires (MACBA) with curatorship of Teresa Riccardi (2016); Solo Show in Lima Photo with Rolf Art (2016); "We do not know what a body can" in Rolf Art with curatorship of Valería Gonzalez (2014). Her works were selected in the Buenos Aires Photo Award (2015); at the ArtexArte Biennial (2015); in the contest Metrovías Contemporary Photography (2011) and participated with the series “Between heaven and earth” of the XVII Biennial of Visual Arts of Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia (2010). Her works participated in the exhibition: “Chroma - exterior night / interior day” Zicarelllo, Galbán curated by Graciela Taquini at Recoleta Cultural Center, Buenos Aires (2015).



Vivian is an heiress of expressionism, the echoes of Egon Schielle,

Louise Bourgeois or Lucian Freud are present in their feeling tragic of life, in the twitching of the gaze. Figure background, allegory of life and death, beginning and end, a point in the

space where all time is concentrated. Fetal memory of future.

The Anima Series, photography and video of Vivian Galban, entails the expressive search for existence and human condition.

A flat black plane gives space to restlessness and in turn contains and seeks meaning.

As for the formal, there is a synthesis that makes us think about the influence of primitive art and the need to synthesize a message.

The time necessary for the recognition of the fractional parts of the body implores to recompose the totality, brings us closer to a Cubist search.

The simultaneous contrast of the plain black plane bordering the shape made of light, makes the expressionism of the body, the drama and the movement inherent in the whole work appear.

Anima opens the questioning and summons us to the memory about the human being and his animal condition. It condenses in a timeless way, memory, memory, and future.

Graciela Taquini




DEJAVU is a minimalist and ascetic installation project of they lived galban, intensely connected to their vision of the world and their previous production A binary dialogue persists that once it had to do with ying yang. 

A body in an amniotic space primal and oval. Who? The generator or the generator? The

condensed ambiguities in the same layer sneak into the it created in the way and in the awakening of the senses, alternatively the work is a video made with a series of photographs in sequence, but resembling a drawing, the woman is somewhat adult as an unborn. A repertoire of gestures go being printed on consciousness as brands for all the


They are the first defenses, closures and openings that transit the need for self-protection, the pursuit of pleasure as healing lessons, the first gestures that open the

cocoon of life. Trials and errors in an attempt to heal. Vivian Galban is heiress of expressionism, Egon's echoes Schielle, Louise Bourgeois or Lucian Freud are present in their

tragic feeling of life, in the twitching of the gaze.

Figure, background, allegory of life and death, beginning and end, a point in the space where all times are concentrated.

Graciela Taquini