Paulo Nazareth

Paulo Nazareth’s performance and installation-based work often draw upon his joint African and indigenous heritage. His ongoing work Cadernos de Africa [Africa Notebooks] is presented as part of Journal: a five-year walk he began in 2013 from his home in a favela near Belo Horizonte, throughout Brazil and eventually northwards across the entirety of the African continent from Cape Town. 

His walk-performance represents a slow, real-time inquiry into his own experience and that of the individuals he encounters on the way, tracing a subtle matrix of connections that bridge not only people but communities and shared histories. 

His installations consist of an arrangement of collected ephemera and video works that document his journey. He engages with a number of subjects that are often related to race, ideology and the unequal distribution of development through his practice that is both interdisciplinary and participatory.

Nazareth seeks to embody the idea of the artist as a connector, a decoder, and a philosopher. Paulo Nazareth (Governador Valadares, 1977) lives and works throughout the world