My Country is the Entire World

LALAContemporary  is proud to announce the opening of its new exhibition 


My Country is the Entire World

As a woman I have no country 

As a woman my country is the entire world 

— Virginia Woolf

 My Country is the Entire World will open on March 12th, eight young artists from Argentina, Canada and Venezuela will feature their artworks within the framework of Women’s’ international Month. This exhibit celebrates the power of creativity and the spiritual strength of all women. Through photography, painting, video and performance, these works reflect and account for their time and place in the world. “My country is the entire world” is a selection of works during different stages of the artists’ lives and careers, thus celebrating all women through art. 

Participating Artists: Maria Hupfield, Marcolina Dipierro, Vivian Galban, Patricia Linenberg, Liliana Golubinsky, Sofia Medici, Ana Casal and Camila Salcedo. 

Curated by Gabriela Jurevicius & Claudia Lala.